This website is all about Abbas Ali and his personal and professional life and experiences. I am a PHP Developer and an open source enthusiast. I am a team member of Coppermine Photo Gallery since 2004.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by education and PHP Programmer by profession. I am the Chief Geek at Ranium Systems which is a company engaged in developing high performance PHP based web applications. We specialize in CakePHP development.

My area of interest is web programming in general and LAMP in particular. I am a Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer. I like developing php applications in CakePHP framework which is (to me) the best php framework out there in the wild today.

I am a husband and a father of a beautiful girl. Tasneem and I got married on 14th November 2007 and Munira was born on 2nd December 2008. You can find ample photos of me and my family in the photo album section of this website.

I hope you will enjoy your stay on my website. Don’t forget to check out each section of this website. Thank you!!



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