CakePHP Workshop at PHP Meetup on December 5, 2009

We started PHP Meetup at Nagpur back in July 2009. We are conducting the meetups regularly since then and upcoming December’s meetup will be the 6th edition.

We have had talks and presentations on different topics like Web Security, Introduction to PHP Frameworks, live demonstration of SQL injection and content management systems to name a few. The talks were mostly targeted at beginners of PHP.

I will be delivering a workshop on CakePHP Framework in December’s meetup which is scheduled on 5 Dec, 2009. This workshop will be the first of its kind in Nagpur where a real world application will be built using CakePHP. This will be a very good opportunity for all those PHP programmers who want to learn CakePHP and see a real world application being built right in the front of their eyes.

I expect all attendees to have some basic PHP and web development knowledge. Though I won’t discourage the absolute beginners. They are also free to attend. There will be more workshops on CakePHP at later meetups but this first workshop will be targeted at cakephp newbies.

To attend the meetup please mark your RSVP on the event page.

Meetup date – Saturday, 5th December 2009.
Time – 4 pm to 6 pm
Location – Jog House, F-40, Tatya Tope Nagar, Behind Tatya Tope Hall, Nagpur.


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  • I am not in Nagpur, so unable to attend the meetup.. 🙁
    I am missing those meetups…

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