In the year 2004, I came across Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) which is an open source project on sourceforge. Being developing PHP based applications i thought why not take a look at the source code of CPG. This was the first time ever when i came across an open source application (ofcourse apart from php). I found it very interesting and i started feeling strong penchant for coppermine. In the next few days i studied the CPG code and started contributing on the coppermine support forums.

Soon i found myself in the Development Team of coppermine. At that time cpg1.4 was in beta stage. Much of the work was already completed and i only got chance to fix few bugs. In year end of 2005 cpg1.4 was release as stable.

Classic coppermine had a self templating system and didn’t used a database abstraction layer. Much of the code is procedural programming based. We (Dr.Tarique Sani, Aditya Mooley and me) thought why not develop a next generation cpg where we will use oops based programming and smarty as templating system. So we started working on cpgNG (Coppermine Next Generation). cpgNG is written totally from scratch. cpgNG is now in alpha stage. To download and get more info on cpgNG go here. To download cpg go here.



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