Mentoring in Google Summer of Code

Its been very long since i wrote last time and yes i know it is too late to mention this (as GSoC is over) but i was damn busy with work and other things.

Anyways the news is that Coppermine Photo Gallery was one of the open source projects which participated in Google Summer of Code 2007 (GSoC). Four students were chosen to work on different aspects (enhancements) of cpg. I was mentoring one of the students, Sander Weyens. Being a mentor was a wonderful first time experience. I really liked the work done by Sander and other students. Thu Tu did a wonderful job in coordinating the whole program for coppermine. She is in the dev team and was also a mentor.

Google is organizing a mentor summit in Mountain View, California on 6th Oct-07 and Coppermine has been invited. Any three mentors from coppermine can attend the summit and Google will be giving $1200 as travel expenses (for non U.S mentors). I am being told by other Dev Team members (specially Thu) to attend the summit but because of work load and visa problems i cannot. Though i would have loved to go there and represent coppermine. Better luck next time ;).



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