Display in Fedora 8 fixed with ATI Radeon driver

Recently i installed Fedora 8 on my machine. All went smoothly and i was able to login to the improved KDE for the first time. But to my disappointment the display was all messed up. Poor colors, fonts etc.. This is what i did to fix it.

First i downloaded the display driver for my motherboard. My configuration was Linux x_86 (Fedora 8), Integrated/Motherboard and ATI Radeon Xpress 200 and i downloaded the driver from here.

The driver installation went on fine and i rebooted the system. But to my surprise that didn’t fixed the problem. After searching and browsing few forums i got the solution. You need to run following command after installing the driver

aticonfig –initial -f

And after restarting X, display got fixed.


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  • vandavasi

    Hello Abbas,

    Probably u could solve my problem. I am facin the same problem as u mentioned in your blog regarding radeon express 200 and fedora.
    My system faces the same display problems.

    The link u provided does not provide driver for Radeon xpress 200 but provides x300.

    can this be used.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • You can surely try it. I think the nearest model number’s driver should work.

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