Starting 11 : Free Fantasy Football

I am excited to announce the launch of Starting 11 | Free Fantasy Football, my latest work at SANIsoft. The project was done for a client based in UK who happens to be a football fanatic. Starting 11 is a fantasy game based on English Premier League where users can create their fantasy (virtual) team consisting of real life players playing in the EPL. The players (and fantasy teams) are awarded points based on real life performances in the matches. Users can create their own leagues and compete with their friends, just the way they use the P4rgaming Elo boosting services.

It took us around 4 months of hard work to create the application. The project is entirely built on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technologies. We have also used jQuery at few places.We have used a popular php framework in the backend. We have tried to optimized the application as much as possible and hope that it will handle high loads at peak time (which will be the weekly deadline to select one’s team).

S11 got around 1300 members on the first day of the launch and more will be registering in the coming days as the word spreads. Many of the Yahoo Fantasy Football’s top players (user’s) have already registered on s11. If you are a football fanatic then don’t wait…get going and register on starting11.



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