FieldOfSand – Theme for Coppermine Photo Gallery

The other day i had some free time and thought why not try my hand at converting a wordpress theme to coppermine one. I chose Fieldofsand which is a free wordpress them designed by Smarter Templates and started the conversion. Fortunately i did quite well and published the theme for coppermine community.

You may find quite a few HTML/CSS issues with the theme as i am primarily not a designer but developer. If you are a coppermine user then you might want to check the demo of the theme here. You can download the theme from sourceforge download page.


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  • One of the problems is when the page is in a short view mode, eg for the slideshow, it cuts across the sidebar (I have added some additional info in the sidebar).

    so, using this page as an example, not all of categories would be viewable – some of the links would be blanked out.

  • William, Please head over to the forums with your issue and it will be taken care of.


  • M150

    The font size is too small ! How can I make it bigger ?!

  • Edit the style.css

  • vas

    I was using your theme Fieldofsand for some time. It is very nice.

    Is it possible for you to provide SimpleX theme for use in Coopermine Gallery. Thanks.

  • @vas: I have ported simpleX wordpress theme for cpg1.5.x only. The theme will not work with cpg1.4.x. Since 1.5 stable version is not released as yet – I have not released the simpleX theme as well.

    However if you are still interested I can send you the theme (it will work only on cpg1.5). Let me know.

  • vas

    Thanks for yoyr response Abbas.

    Please forward and I will try to make use of it when it makes possible. Thanks.

    As you are part of the coopermine team, I have to say that the themes in the cpg are not very diffferent in lay out from each other and many of them have font size very small. I was also bit surprised most of them are from phpBB styles and other forum based themes.

    Hope cpg team concentrates more on themes and brings out different layouts.

  • @vas: I will send you the theme very soon on the email you provided with the comment.

    The problem is that the core cpg dev team consists only of developers. None of us are designers. Hence the default (classic) cpg theme is very simple. Most of the themes you find are user contributed. End users want to make coppermine and their forum (or blog) look same and hence they come up with a cpg theme which looks like their forum (phpBB in most cases) or blog (wordpress in most cases). This is the reason most of the cpg themes are derived from phpBB.

    Anyways – dev team is trying hard to come up with fresh themes created from scratch.

  • vas

    Thanks I will try. I have received your email.

  • vas

    plus this at the top {JAVASCRIPT}

  • vas

    2 more things I found out.

    1. When we select a photo to view, it appears in a smaller window than the heade where the e-card and other symbols reside.

    2. The link to the photo’s bigger picture is not working. (Means it is not linked)

  • @vas: That is because the theme is meant for cpg 1.5. Those extra tokens were introduced in 1.5 and are not present in 1.4.x and hence you get those raw tokens in output.

    If you know some php/html then you can explore the theme and remove those tokens.

    If I get some free time i will try to convert the theme for 1.4.x.

  • vas

    Thanks. I will remove them to suit for 1.4

  • Ken

    Is there a 1.5 version of Field of Sand?

  • Unfortunately there is no release of Field of Sand for v1.5. May be in future 🙂

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