Google Summer of Code 2008 update

Well i am late on this. GSoC 2008 ended with the mentor summit held at Google HQ on 25th-26th Oct 2008. I was not able to attend it but two of my fellow team members namely Thu Tu and Sander Weyens made to it. They had a good time there and they interacted with developers of other open source applications.

I was mentoring Nuwan Sameera whose code is now ready to go in coppermine core. His code will bring in some beautiful ajax effects in cpg1.5.x. I hope that the code gets merged into the core soon.

I am now awaiting the summer of code T-Shirt which should have reached me by now. It appears that the tshirt got lost somewhere midway. But no problems as google will be sending a replacement for it. I hope that the replacement reaches me.

Signing off from GSoC 2008 and looking forward to a wonderful summer of 2009.



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